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Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS)

Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS)

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For all the creatives seeking color accuracy and simplicity, Calibrite's ColorChecker Display delivers incredibly consistent color with zero stress. The same digital color profiler that has become the go-to calibration system for photographers and filmmaker's industry-wide is presented here with an easy-to-use interface to make calibration a breeze for users of all levels.

An indispensable tool for any digital workflow, it can accurately measure brightness levels up to 1000 cd/m² on any modern display device with its advanced optical systems.

The ColorChecker Display includes a ccColorimeter and ccStudio software powered by X-Rite. The wizard-driven interface of the software walks you through the entire process and then reminds you when it's time to re-profile your displays to maintain consistency. It also includes a full, two-device version of Luminar AI software. This powerful, innovative software allows you to edit with a few clicks helping to speed up your editing.

Powered by X-Rite

X-Rite partners with Calibrite to serve the global photo, video and content creation markets.

Monitor Calibration

Once you take the guesswork and frustration out of making sure the color you see on your display is the color you expect from your printer; you'll save time and money and gain full creative control over your images. ColorChecker Display uses advanced technologies to perfect the match between your display and printer.

Projector Calibration

Now, your projected presentations can look the same as your monitor. Build an accurate projector profile in just minutes - it's as easy as building a monitor profile. The process considers all the room conditions - projected colors, screen color, and room lighting - so you can be confident that your projected images are showing the way you intended.

Intelligent Iterative Profiling

An adaptive technology that produces optimized results for maximum color accuracy on each unique display every time you profile.

Flare Correct

Measures and adjusts your display profile for reduced contrast ratios caused by flare light (or glare) falling on the surface of a display. By accurately measuring your effective display contrast ratio, you'll have an even more accurate display profile.

Ambient Light Measurement

Automatically determine the optimum display luminance for comparing prints to your display, based on a measurement of the lighting conditions where prints will be viewed.

Multiple Monitor Profiling

Color match up to four separate displays for color accuracy across all your workflow.

Operating System Compatibility

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10, MacOS X 10.14x and above.

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Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS)
Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS)CCDIS
Calibrite ColorChecker Display (CCDIS)CCDIS
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