ColorChecker Video (CCVWB)

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Video Color Control from Capture to Edit

Featuring four grayscale calibration bars and saturated and unsaturated RGB primaries

Extended skin tone patches for additional color precision

An A4-sized double-sided target with a 12% gray balance target on the back

This target is an essential tool when color matching multiple cameras

Supported by many key third-party software applications

The ColorChecker Video offers color balance and control for filmmaking – from shoot to edit, it is the same size as the original ColorChecker Classic at 215.9 x 279.4mm but specifically designed for video.

The Calibrite ColorChecker Video is the ideal color chart for your video workflow. This two-sided target provides chromatic color chips, skin tone chips, and gray reference chips on one side and a spectrally neutral white balance card on the other side. This color target is perfect for pre-camera checks and wider shots.

The ColorChecker Video will get you to a worry-free color balanced and consistently neutral place, with ideal camera exposure, faster than ever before – giving you more time to spend on your creative look. It’s an essential color tool you won’t want to be without, saving you valuable time from capture to edit.

ColorChecker Video is a durable and rigid color target, specifically intended for video production. It includes a video color chart on one side and a large spectrally neutral white balance card on the flip side.