Platypod Pro Max Plate Mini Tripod for Heavy DSLRs and BIG Lenses

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Item Includes:
  • Platypod Max base 
  • 4 Spiked Feet 
  • Removable Spike-Feet storage box. 
  • Does not come with a tripod ball head.
 Don’t be fooled by Max’s small stature—it will be the most reliable tool in your gear bag!

The Platypod Pro Max Camera Support is a super-compact ultra low-profile platform while also being ultra-stable stable. You can attach a full sized tripod head, pro camera and lens etc.on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.



  • SMALL FRAME, BIG SETUPS   Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium, the 5mm-thick Max is perfect for heavy DSLRs and full-sized video cameras, large lenses, bulky flashes and accessories—up to 300 pounds. If your tripod ball head can                                                        support it, so can Max.
  • NO TOOLS, NO PROBLEM        Like the Pro, Max is compatible with most standard tripod ball heads and screws on easily without the need for tools.
  • FOUR SPIKE FEET                   Max comes with four “feet," which are adjustable screws that grip on uneven or rocky surfaces. Each screw is 2 inches long with heavy-duty rubber caps and locking nuts.
  •   Fiberglass-reinforced nylon removable "bayonet style" storage box mounted onto plate to hold four 1/4-20 spikes, 2 inches long, with heavy-duty rubber feet and locking nuts. Small magnets keep spikes in place for storage.
  • Five 1/4-20 threaded holes strategically placed to allow use of spike feet in configurations of one, two, three, or four at a time.
  •  Two 2-inch belt slots to secure to any cylindrical object or to tape onto floors for remote camera setups.
  •  Made of 6061 black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. 5 mm thick. 5.25 x 7.75” (5-year warranty—Full replacement of parts for any defect in workmanship. Guaranteed to hold up to a 300-pound load!)
  •  1/4-20 and 3/8-16 accessory threaded holes for attachment to tripods or quick-release devices under the unit.
  •  3/8-16 TA2 titanium photographic bolt drilled and countersunk through the plate and welded in place for large tripod ball heads, such as the RRS-BH55, even with spike-feet in place.
  •  Two nail holes for permanent or semi-permanent mounting to walls, boards or ceilings.
  •  Weight: 13 ounces, including spikes and storage box.