Tovatec MERA 1080 Dive Light & Built-In Camera with Cleaning Cloth

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Taking photographs and video underwater can capture a lasting memory. It can also be complicated. Not only do you have to buy cameras, lights, trays and arms, but those items are bulky, difficult to align, and hard to maneuver around both above and below water. Not to mention that it can be difficult to enjoy a dive with both hands operating a camera. Say goodbye to complications and difficulties... Tovatec has combined a proprietary, high-definition camera and light into a single unit. We have engineered the camera and light to work seamlessly to take simple and beautiful photographs and videos under water.


Light Output

1hr 30min

Light + Video Run Time


Proprietary HD Camera


Depth Rating


for Easy Transportation and Easy Diving


Beam Angle : 12 ̊ Spot

Beam Angle : 120 ̊ Video

Color Temp : 5700-7300K


Weight : 17.7 oz. (without battery)

Size : 7.6” long x 2.5” diameter

Switch : Color Indication switch

Depth Rating : 60m


Rechargeable lithium-ion

with included charger


Video resolution : 1920*1080p 60fps

Photo resolution : 4 MP

Photo resolution : 4 MP

Photo format : JPG

Video Stabilization : Yes

Storage : One 2GB-64GB card

1000 Lumen primary light

  • 2.5 hour burn time on high
  • 6.0 hour burn time on low
1000 Lumen video light
  • 2.5 hour burn time on high
  • 6.0 hour burn time on low
Proprietary high-definition camera
  • 1.5 hours video with light on
  • 8.0 hours video with light off
  • 10,000+ pictures with light on

The secret key to seeing that beautiful fish, sea turtle, shark, eel, ray, etc.? Leave your camera on the boat – then it will swim two feet in front of you. Replacing your primary light with the Tovatec MERA will ensure that you will never miss a memory again. Your camera will always be at your side.