Delkin Water Resistant Tote for 8 AA Batteries

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Item Includes:

  • Delkin Water Resistant Tote for 8 AA Batteries
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


Store up to 8 AA batteries in one convenient, compact case with the Delkin Devices Weather Resistant AA Battery Tote. Able to fit any AA battery, the AA Battery Tote provides a safe, organized way to store and transport your batteries, without taking up space. The case is also ruggedly constructed to provide complete environmental protection for longer lifetime of use. Bring it with you wherever you go and get easy access to your spare batteries.

Designed to hold up to 8 AA batteries, the AA Battery Tote’s inner lining is custom molded to provide a secure, glove-like fit, preventing your batteries from getting loose and ratting around. Easily keep track of charged vs. drained batteries.

Manufactured to withstand even the most extreme shooting environments, this rubberized & shock resistant case can endure anything from a solid surface drop to spillage in a backpack. The crushproof case folds over and snaps shut to enclose your inner contents, protecting them from spills, splashes, moisture, and corrosion. No matter how often you use it or what conditions it is put through, the AA Battery Tote will keep your cards protected and secure for a longer lifetime of use.

At only 4½ in. wide and weighing ¼ lb., the AA Battery Tote provides convenient, hassle-free portability. Bring it with you wherever you go; safely store it in your backpack, carrying bag, briefcase, and much more! Whether you are at home or traveling, the tote is the ideal solution for storing your AA batteries all in one place, while taking up minimal space.


  • Securely Holds Up to 8 AA Batteries
  • Weather Resistant to Protect from Moisture and Corrosion
  • Ruggedized, Crush-proof Outer Case
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly
  • Made from Recycled Plastic
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 1.25 x 6 in