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ExpoImaging Rogue Gels Lighting Kit 20 Circular Filters for the Flash Grid


  • $ 2795

Item Includes:

  • Correction Filters: 1/2 CTB (3200K to 4300K); Full CTO (6500K to 3200K); 1/2 CTO (6500K to 3800K); 1/4 CTO (6500K to 4600K); Plus Green (cc30 Green); Heavy Frost Diffusion
  • Color Filters: Chocolate; Smokey Pink; Follies Pink; Bright Red; Rust; Dark Salmon; Oklahoma Yellow; Medium Yellow, Deep Purple; Special KH Lavender; Just Blue; Medium Blue Green; Steel Green; Moss Green
  • Padded Storage Pouch with Dividers
  • Limited One-Year Warranty


The Rogue Gels Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid (Set of 20) from ExpoImaging makes it easy to bring a more dramatic color sense to all of your photographs using the Rogue Grid. Chose from a variety of Lee filters for reds, yellows, blues, and greens to punch up an image with color, or create mood. Or, use the correction gels to balance your flash to ambient light.

Rogue Grid Gels are custom cut to fit the Rogue Grid. Rogue Grid Gels come in a kit that includes 20 different colors (1 of each color), and a durable padded storage pouch with quick reference dividers to help you keep your gels safe and organized. Each kit includes 14 color effects gels for dramatic color, 5 color correction gels to balance your flash to ambient light, and 1 diffusion gel.

Rogue Gels are made from the world's highest quality materials from LEE Filters UK, the world's leading manufacturer of lighting filter products.Each gel has the LEE name, the gel's measured f/stop loss value, and (when appropriate) the corresponding Kelvin color temperature correction and camera white balance icon, all printed directly onto the gel. Stated f/stop loss values are measured using a Sekonic light meter in a controlled test. These values compare the metered exposure of the bare flash with the metered exposure using the Rogue Gels placed over the flash head.


  • 20 Color & Correction Filters
  • Precision Cut to Fit the Rogue Grid Bezel


  • Filter size: 2.625" (67mm) 
  • Model- ROGUEGELS-G
  • UPC- 751751040066

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