F&V Core Rig

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Item Includes:

  • Base Plate System w/ Dovetail Plate
  • Matte Box Pro ( Height-Adjustment)
  • V-mount Battery Plate w/ HDMI Splitter
  • Follow Focus Advanced I
  • Snap-on Hand Grips
  • Snap-on Top Handle
  • Snap-on Shoulder Pad
  • (2x) 61cm - 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


The Core Rig embodies precision engineering with rugged durability. Machined from aluminum, the Core Rig remains light weight without sacrificing strength. Ergonomic features such as a snap-on follow focus, top handle, hand grips and shoulder pad allow for quick set-up and adjustments. The Core Rig utilizes standard 15mm rods.

The Core's base plate system has a quick release plate with a 1/4"-20 thread screw, and it is adjustable both vertically and laterally. The base plate mount is designed to work in part with a dovetail plate which allows for fine tuning the balance of weight when mounted on support. The dove tail plate has four 1/4"-20 female thread-ins and three 3/8"-16 female thread-ins on its underside.

The Matte Box Pro is a height adjustable, swing-away matte box. The swing-away feature of the matte box allows for quick access to your camera's lens; no need to slide your matte box off the rails to swap out a lens. The matte box is also height adjustable allowing you to accommodate cameras of varying lens height. The matte box also has two rotatable filter trays, and comes with 8 lens donuts to insure proper shading on your filters.

The Core's hand grips, top handle, and shoulder pad can snap-on to any 15mm rod system. The hand grips are adjustable in two locations allowing for comfortable positioning. The top handle can be adjusted in height, and the handle can be unscrewed and threaded on the opposite side. The hand grips feature four 1/4"-20 female thread-ins and the top handle features twenty-two 1/4"-20 female thread-ins. The thread-ins on the the hand grips allow for optimal placement of an on board monitor for the camera operator, and the thread-ins on the top handle allow for excellent placement of an on board monitor for a 1st AC.

The v-mount battery system features three (3) varying DC2.5 output jacks. The output voltages are DC5V, DC7.4V, and DC12V. The battery system also features a female USB interface for powering USB devices. The bottom of the battery system, including the standard 15mm rail mount, is tooled out of aircraft aluminum. The top portion of the battery system is made out of an impact resistant plastic.

The Follow Focus Advanced 1 features snap-on rail mounts,  a reversible gear box, and the position of the drive gear can be adjusted laterally. With a reversible gear box, the FFA1 can be adjusted to accommodate both short and long lenses. Also, its drive gear can be detached and replaced with larger diameter gears.


  • Rugged Aluminum Alloy Build
  • Base Plate System w/ Tripod Platform
  • 2-Stage, Height Adjustable, Swing-away Matte Box
  • V-mount Battery Plate
  • Snap-on Follow Focus w/ Reversible Drive Gear
  • Snap-on Hand Grips, Top Handle, and Shoulder Pad
  • Carbon Fiber Rods


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy