Gary Fong Collapsible Fashion & Commercial Lighting Kit

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Item Includes:
  • Lightsphere Collapsible with Speed Mount (Generation 5)
  • Inverted Dome for Lightspere II
  • AmberDome
  • GrayDome
  • Speed Snoot
  • Gel Filter Set for the Lightsphere Collapsible Diffuser
  • Gear Bag
  • Instructional DVD
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Fashion and Commercial Lighting Kit is perfect for the discerning photographer who demands precision lighting. It includes the new Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Speed Mount, the new Speed Snoot with PowerGrid™, both with the added convenience of the new speed mount. The kit also includes the WhiteDome™, the AmberDome™, the GrayDome™, the Colored Gel Kit, an Instructional DVD and a Gear Bag. All parts incorporate the new Speed mount on the LSC Generation Five.
This kit is designed to help get you started with modifying the light from an on-camera shoe-mounted flash unit.
The fashion and commercial kit includes the Lightsphere Collapsible for general diffusion of your flash. It also features the Speed Snoot for limiting the spread of light from your flash. Both of these utilize the Speed Mount for quickly attaching and removing accessories via hook-and-loop fasteners. The Lightsphere can also have any of the included domes attached to it.
The WhiteDome provides general diffusion of your light source while the AmberDome provides a warming effect in addition to the general softening of your light source. Additionally, the included GrayDome can be used for color correction. By including the GrayDome in your shot you can use it to balance color in a photo-editing application.
The colored gel kit for the Lightsphere Collapsible features 4 colors: red, green, amber, and blue. Each of these will provide a different look or to provide color balance to the ambient light. Also included in this kit are an instructional DVD featuring tips on using the Lightsphere and a gear bag for carrying your flash modification accessories.
  • Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount: utilizes a mounting system that allows photographers to switch out modifiers in seconds, while providing an equally secure fit for nearly all flash sizes. It perfectly diffuses harsh light of auxiliary flashes creating soft, even illumination with minimum loss of power and collapses to 1.5"
  • Speed Snoot: utilizes new mounting system that allows photographers to switch out modifiers in seconds, while providing an equally secure fit for nearly all flash sizes. Focuses light in areas you want and away from areas you don't. Collapses to 1½ inches for ultimate portability and convenience
  • WhiteDome: Serves as a tool to gauge incident light for in-camera white balacing and as an optional diffusion cover for the Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount based on desired effects
  • GrayDome: serves as a tool to capture and measure reflective light and is usedfor setting a custom white balance in post-processing.
  • AmberDome: instantly warms photos in cool lighting situations. Great for a variety of lighting situations, including outdoors at dusk or early morning, outdoors in open shade, interiors with tungsten lighting or sunsets with the sunbehind the subject
  • Colored Gel Kit: inspires creativity by tinting the color of the flash output to Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
  • UPC: 813100019199