Hoodman Live View Kit for all DSLR Cameras - HLVKIT

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Item Includes:

  • U.S.A. 1-Year warranty
  • HCP base plate
  • H3.0 adapter
  • Hex tool
  • U.S.A. 1-Year warranty
  • HoodLoupe teardrop eyecup
  • HCP DSLR camera custom finder base plate for HoodLoupe
  • HoodLoupe 3.2" base for LCD screens
  • HoodLoupe outdoor LCD viewfinder for 3.0" screens
  • U.S.A. 1-Year warranty
  • Lanyard
Hoodman Live View Kits enable photographers/videographers to view glare free outdoor images on their DSLR Live View screens. Hand held Live View shooting now becomes much more stable because you have 3 points of contact...both hands and your eye.
The new HoodLoupe optical module clips on to 2 sizes of mounting bases; the 3" LCD screen base and the 3.2" LCD screen base are both included in the kit. HoodLoupes are built with superior glass optics, a + 3 diopter adjustment and a 1/4 20 mounting solution. The base plate provides and elegant way to mount the HoodLoupe for live view and video capture DSLR functions. USA built base plates fit all DSLR camera bodies. Additional base plate features include milled black anodized aluminum, on board hex tool, anti-twist bars, two 1/4 20 tripod mount holes, hand strap slot and improved camera sling attachment point.
  • H30MB Kit:
  • + 3 diopter
  • 1/4 20 mounting solution
  • Space saving design
  • Glass optics
  • H32B
  • HTE- Teardrop HoodEye
  • HCP Base plate:
  • milled black anodized aluminum
  • on board hex tool
  • anti-twist bars
  • two 1/4 20 mount holes
  • hand strap slot
  • improved camera sling attachment point