HOYA R72 Infrared Filter [Multiple Size Options]

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  • HOYA R72 Infrared Filter
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The Hoya R72 Infrared filter is specifically designed for infrared photography with digital cameras and infrared film.

Infrared light starts in the high-red area of the visible spectrum at around 750nm and goes up beyond 1000nm. This light is not visible to the naked eye. Looking through the R72 filter it looks almost opaque because the filter is only passing light from the very high red edge of the visible spectrum and infrared light. Infrared photography yields very interesting, sometimes stunning, and creative results in a scene reflect infrared light differently than normal light.

Due to the nature of infrared light, filter factor and exposure compensation vary widely from visible light and depends largely on lighting conditions.

Works well with digital cameras, especially mirrorless cameras or DSLRS with no IR blocking filter in front of the sensor.

Only passes light at 720nm (high-red) and above. Gives more predictable results than filters that only pass Infrared light above 850 or 900nm.

The Hoya R72 is constructed using high-quality optical glass from Hoya mounted in a precision milled aluminum frame that provides rigidity.

Can be paired with colored black and white contrast filters such as the R25 (red), K2 (yellow), O (orange) or other color filters to change the color rendition or contrast effects.


  • Passes light at 720nm (high-red) and above
  • Compatible with most digital cameras
  • Can be combined with color changing filters


  • Filter Factor: Variable (depending on ISO sensitivity and lighting conditions)
  • Filter Material: Glass