I1Publish Pro 2 Upgrade

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I1Publish Pro 2 Upgrade  
Customers of X-Rite and GretagMacbeth legacy solutions
are eligible for a discounted upgrade solution that will provide full i1Publish Pro 2
functionality. Upgrade package includes i1Basic Pro 2 plus i1Publish software upgrade solution.
Upgrade process is simple and straight forward
Customer maintains full usage of current software and new i1Profiler software on i1Pro 2
device. Old device can still be used with i1Basic Pro software functionality.
Step 1: Purchase Upgrade Kit
Step 2: Install upgrade software using original i1Pro device
Step 3:
Select ‘Transfer License’ button on main screen of i1Profiler software
Step 4: Software walks customer through process of simply plugging in each device and automatically transfering
the license flags
All i1Match and i1Profiler software functionality will now be available on new i1Pro 2 device. The original i1Pro device
will now have i1Profiler Basic Pro 2 solution functionality available (monitor, projector, monitor QA and printer QA).