In The Groove Vinyl Record Cleaner

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  • In The Groove Vinyl Record Cleaner


In The Groove® is the revolutionary, reusable, liquid free deep groove vinyl record cleaner.

In The Groove® is what Music Direct says it is. “A Revolutionary Liquid Free, Reusable Record cleaner that can remove fresh finger smudges, dust and loose debris from the surface and within the grooves of Vinyl Records.”

It’s excellent for easy maintenance of your record collection. It is indispensable to the use of the carbon fiber brush which leaves a line of dust on the record surface that In The Groove completely removes. 

When it gets dirty, just rinse it off under the sink and blot it dry with a paper towel. The sticky surface will be good as new. Our highest recommendation for an entry-level record cleaning tool!


    • Requires no sprays, cloths or brushes
    • Unique, residue-free tacky roller and scratch-guard gripping handle
    • Quick and easy to use, lightweight and great for travel