IndiPRO Tools 95Wh Compact Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery with Dual Battery Charger Kit

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This IndiPRO Tools Value Kit features two compact 14.8V, 95Wh Gold-Mount batteries and a dual-battery Gold-Mount charger. The charger also has a 4-pin XLR power output, so this kit provides a comprehensive power solution. The batteries support up to a 10A draw and offer a 4-LED power gauge easily visible on the side. They also have a D-Tap output for powering accessories.

The Dual Battery Charger provides simultaneous charging in Charge Mode, 12V power via the XLR port in DC Output Mode, and can be switched off completely. It has a portable design with a carry handle, and can be used internationally (90-242 VAC) with appropriate plug adapters, sold separately. An XLR cable is included for powering a camera or accessories right out of the box.