IndiPRO Tools Four Compact 95Wh Gold-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Quad Pro Battery Charger Kit

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4x 95Wh Gold Mount Li-Ion Batteries

Quad Pro Gold Mount Battery Charger

14.8V & 6.6Ah Battery Output & Capacity

Battery Supports Up to 10A Draw


This Gold-Mount Li-Ion Battery & Charger Kit from IndiPRO Tools includes four compact 95Wh Gold Mount Li-ion batteries and a Quad Pro battery charger.

Suitable for powering smaller cameras, monitors, and lights, the compact 95Wh Gold Mount Li-ion battery outputs 14.8V and has a capacity of 6.6Ah. A standard D-Tap port enables you to power accessories directly from the battery via a separately available cable. The battery is also equipped with an integrated four-bar LED gauge that provides visual indication of remaining battery life.

The Quad Pro battery charger allows you to charge up to four of the included batteries at a time via Gold Mount connections. It delivers 2.5A of power per channel whether charging a single or several batteries, and it also offers a 4-pin XLR output for powering cameras and lights from an AC outlet.The charger runs on 100 to 240 VAC power, allowing for use around the world.


4 x IndiPRO Tools Compact 95Wh Gold-Mount Li-ion Battery

Limited 2-Year Warranty

IndiPRO Tools Quad Pro Battery Charger (Gold Mount)

4-Pin XLR Cable

Limited 1-Year Warranty