IndiPRO Tools Micro Alpha Series Quad Charger Kit with 4 V-Mount 99Wh Batteries (Black Color)

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Add a battery kit to your mobile rig to keep your gear powered all day with this Micro Alpha Series 99Wh V-Mount 4-Battery + Quad Charger Kit from IndiPRO Tools. The kit includes 4x ultracompact Micro Alpha 14.8V, 99Wh V-Mount batteries, and a Quad-battery V-mount charger. The batteries come in a black color. Each battery supports up to a 15A draw and offers a bright, clear LCD status display. They also feature two 14.8V D-Tap outputs and two 5V USB outputs for powering accessories while you are powering your lights or camera via the V-mount. The quad charger features a 4-pin XLR power output with an XLR cable included, so this kit provides a comprehensive power solution. It provides simultaneous charging in Charge mode, 12V power via the XLR port in DC Output mode, and can be switched off completely. It has a portable design with a carry handle, and it can be used internationally with separately available plug adapters.

  • Includes Quad ProV-Mount Battery Charger with 4-Pin XLR Output.
  • Includes 4 Alpha Series 99WH V Mount Batteries.
  • Charger includes two 14.8V D-Tap outputs and two 5V USB outputs.
  • Batteries feature a bright LCD Screen showing remaining current and voltage.
  • Battery handles maximum power draw of 15A.