IndiPRO Tools Porta-Pak Battery with D-Tap Output & Charger (8V/12V) (1/4-20" Adapter)

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A nifty all-around battery, the Indipro Porta-Pak Battery with D-Tap Output & Charger (8V/12V) (1/4-20" Adapter),is designed for powering a variety of gear that powers from 12 or 8 VDC. This unit  features an 2.1mm 12V output, 2.5mm 8 Volt output, and D-Tap at unregulated 12 Volts, as well as a USB Type-A output. The battery supplies consistent power out of each of its outputs, so you don't have to worry about voltage dropping as the battery is used. The dedicated USB port is great for powering mobile or other types of devices that use 5 VDC power (USB power cord not included). This unit features a 1/4-20" insert on the back, making it easy to mount for any type of configuration.