IndiPRO Tools Two 95Wh Compact V-Mount Lithium-Ion Batteries with Dual Battery Charger Kit

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  • IndiPRO Tools Two 95Wh Li-Ion Batteries and Dual Charger Kit (V-Mount)
  • 2 x IndiPRO Tools Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-ion Battery
  • IndiPRO Tools V-Mount Dual Battery Charger with XLR Output
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
For V-Mount Batteries/XLR

Be able to power your camera or accessories with this Compact 95Wh Battery with dual charger kit. This kit is comprised of a TWO V-mount lithium-ion batteries and a 16.8V DC dual-position charger for V-mount batteries. The batteries run on a premium Samsung lithium-ion cell and supports up to a 6.6A draw. It features a 4-LED power gauge that displays remaining battery power and a D-Tap port for simultaneously powering additional accessories. The V-mount dual battery charger charges up to two V-Mount batteries simultaneously. This charger is portable and features a 4-pin XLR power output.

2x Compact 95Wh V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery
Containing a premium Samsung battery cell, the Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Battery outputs 14.8V and has a 95Wh capacity. The battery incorporates a standard V-mount for a secure connection to V-mount accessories and chargers. A built-in 4-segment battery gauge LED display provides readout of the remaining battery power. The battery features an industry standard D-Tap that allows you to power accessories using additional cables (available separately).

• For powering cameras, lights and monitors
• Offers 14.8V output with 95Wh capacity
• Built-in 4-segment LED battery indicator shows remaining power
• V-mount system provides secure lockable mounting and compatibility with other V-mount accessories and chargers
• 2-pin D-Tap gives you the flexibility to power accessories directly from the battery

V-Mount Dual Battery Charger with XLR Output
Charge up to two V-Mount batteries simultaneously with this V-Mount Dual Battery Charger. Portable and featuring a 4-pin XLR power output, this charger can also be used to power various devices via XLR cable while on the road or on location. An XLR cable is included. The charger features a built-in capacity management system that will ensure the fastest charge possible. It's designed with a comfortable carry handle on top and a switch on the side that allows you to select between charge mode, DC output mode (XLR) and an Off position.

• Charge up to two V-Mount batteries simultaneously
• 4-pin XLR DC power output
• Lightweight, portable design with carry handle
• 16.8V 3A charger output
• 50W (12V) DC output power
• XLR cable included