LITEMASTER PRO L-478-U-EL Series meter for Elinchrom

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The L-478DR-U-EL includes all the functionality of the L-478-U series meters and adds radio-triggering and power control for
Elinchrom flashes through internal or add-on Skyport receivers. The meter’s power screen enables separate selection of any
of the four lighting Groups, 1,2,3,4, for flash brightness adjustment in 0.1 increments by simply tapping buttons on the meter’s
touch screen. The F-number value for the light being measured appears in a central area on the screen as well as over the
respective group selection button. The measured value for each group is maintained as a visual record of the brightness
difference of the lights in use so that lighting ratios can be easily determined. Once flash adjustment is made for each group,
ALL flashes can be triggered at one time for a total reading for exposure. The L-478DR-EL can also be used to measure
and adjust modeling light brightness of Elinchrom flashes for cine/video lighting applications. For more information about
compatible Elinchrom flashes see