Lumiquest Location/Portrait Kit

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Item Includes:

  • SoftBox III
  • Snoot XTR
  • FXtra
  • 2x UltraStraps
  • Lifetime Warranty


Weighing in at less than 15 ounces this kit can make a dramatic difference in your location or portrait work.

The SoftBox III is approximately 20 times the size of the flash head itself, for the soft portrait light you are looking for,

The telescopic Snoot XTR provides an excellent hair or accent light, and the FXtra a 9 piece colored gel kit including those for balancing your flash for tungsten and fluorescent light.

In addition, to attach your accessories to your flash, we've included two UltraStraps which apply a constant 3 lbs. of pressure to the flash for a secure fit.  Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes. 


  • Includes Pro Max Softbox III
  • FXtra Has Gel Holder, 8 Color Gels
  • XTR Snoot Gives Narrow Beam of Light
  • Two UltraStraps to Attach Accessories
  • Softbox Softens Shadows
  • Accessories Fit Most Current Flashes


  • Weight: 14.6 oz
  • UPC: 744579136011