IndiPro Tools GMP270A Micro-Series 270Wh Gold-Mount Li-Ion Battery

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  • IndiPRO Tools Micro-Series Gold Mount Li-Ion Battery (270Wh)
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • Overview

    Its small size belies the power of the IndiPRO Tools 270Wh Micro-Series Gold Mount Li-Ion Battery, which can handle power draws of up to 12A. This battery mounts on a standard-sized Gold mount battery plate. It's suitable for use on smaller camera bodies and for a variety of applications that benefit from a small footprint that doesn't sacrifice performance. You can power smaller cameras for extended run times via the battery's D-Tap output port, using a variety of optional D-Tap adapter cables. The battery's 18.6Ah capacity and 14.8V output are sufficient to power most professional cameras.

    In addition to the Gold mount power output for powering cameras and lights, this Micro-Series battery features both a D-Tap and a USB power output. The D-Tap output can be used to power a light source, monitor, recorder, or other device on your rig while the USB port gives you a convenient way of charging your smartphone and USB accessories while you shoot. A five-LED gauge displays the battery's remaining power.


    • 270Wh Li-Ion Gold Mount Battery
    • Supports up to 12A Continuous Draw
    • D-Tap and USB Accessory Outputs
    • 5-LED Power Gauge


    • Mount / Series Type: Gold-Mount
    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    • Capacity (Wh): 270 Wh
    • Max Draw: 12A
    • Amp-Hours: 18.6 Ah
    • Output Voltage: 14.8 VDC
    • Accessory Port: 1 x D-Tap
    • 1 x USB Port