Phottix Clip Clamp for Light Stand

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  • $ 26.95

Item Includes:

  • Phottix Clip Clamp for Light Stand
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


The Phottix Clip Clamp provides an hand to hold umbrellas, battery packs, backdrops and whatever else you can think of. The clip clamp attaches to a light stand with a 5/8” lug or 3/8" threaded male insert. It is sturdy, made from solid metal and moulded plastic, so it can reliably hold heavier or awkwardly balanced objects.

The Clip Clamp is perfect for holding a Phottix Varos Umbrella Adapter but also suited to other studio gear like battery packs. It’s an easy way to hold a back drop in place when on location.


  • Attaches to light stands with a 5/8” lug
  • Features a 5/8” male internal 3/8” female thread
  • Tight locking mechanism
  • Multitude of uses