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Phottix Deep Octa Softbox - 39"

Phottix Deep Octa Softbox - 39"


  • $ 9995

Item Includes:

  • Phottix Deep Octa Softbox - 39"
  • 2x White Diffusers
  • Bowens Speedring
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


This box is made from heat-resistant material and features internal fiberglass supports that can very quickly be folded down or set up compared to conventional softboxes.

The octagon shape allows users to easily create circular catchlights in their subject's eyes for a very pleasing effect. Also, it has a silver interior for maintaining good light output as well as two removable white diffusers for dramatic softening of the light.

It comes with a Bowens-type speedring for attachment to a variety of different lights as well as a carrying bag for convenience.


  • Deep Octa for more diffuser light
  • Set up or fold away in seconds
  • Internal fiberglass supports
  • Compact
  • Interchangeable speed rings


  • Size: 39.37"
  • Shape: Octagon
  • Interior Color: Silver
  • Compatibility: Bowens-type Mount
  • Removable Front Face: Yes
  • Removable Interior Baffle: Yes

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