Polaroid Originals 600 Express Blue Vintage Instant Film Camera

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Item Includes:

  • Polaroid Sun 600 SE Vintage Instant Film Camera
  • Protective Film Shield
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


The 600 series is a landmark chapter in Polaroid history – the moment instant photography became as easy as pushing a button. From boxy, ‘80s models to fluid, ‘90s versions, each camera tells a story about late-20th century design, while a number of weird and wonderful special editions cemented the 600 as a pop culture icon.


  • Automatic flash
  • Fixed focus lens
  • Originals. Remade good as new. All vintage Polaroids are taken apart, serviced, and made whole again by hand. Each camera is worked on by dedicated specialists who ensure a camera’s past adventures, never affects its future life. With you.


  • Film Compatibility: 600 Film
  • Flash: Automatic
  • Lens: Fixed focus
  • Lighten/darken slider
  • Refurbished by Polaroid Originals – may show small signs of wear