Powerex MH-C980 8-Cell Turbo Charger and Analyzer (New 2019 Model) with Powerex Accessory Padded Bag Travel Kit

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Kit includes:


  •  Powerex MH-C980 Charger Unit 
  •  AC Power Supply 
  •  Powerex Accessory Padded Bag 



The Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer charges up to 8 AA or AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries in approximately 1 hour. This charger is the best combination of an 8-cell charger with battery health analyzing features. It has a special One-Touch Battery Health Analyzer with actual capacity readout to provide the most accurate data. The Turbo charge mode allows you to charge your batteries twice as fast while the default mode will maximize battery life. With the Thermal Management System, your batteries will stay cool during charge. For older batteries, you can use the Deep Battery Conditioning System to revitalize them. The large back lit LCD display allows you to take quick glance of the charging status.