SKT Productions RollClean Monitor Cleaner

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  • SKT Productions RollClean Monitor Cleaner


The ROLLCLEAN is a new super tacky absolutely residue free, liquid free, reusable TV SCREEN cleaner. It is ideal for use on flat screen TV’S, Monitors, Computers, Laptops, any smooth glass-like surface, and film negatives.

It efficiently removes dust, lint, oily finger smudges and all loose surface debris. Dried out stuck-on stains may require a moist cloth to remove. ROLLCLEAN is absolutely residue free. If the tacky roller becomes blunted by accumulated debris, it can be refreshed with a warm tap water rinse. Allow to air dry for countless reuses. 


    • Removes finger prints, dust, and debris
    • Liquid free cleaning method
    • Reusable, wash under warm water


    • Material: Plastic
    • Care: Rinse under water
    • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3"