i-Visor LS Pro MAG Laptop Case with Tripod Mount and Sun Hood

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Item Includes:

  •  i-Visor LSPro MAG Case with Built-in Magnesium Tray and User Replaceable Tripod Mount
  • Dark Hood
  • Rain Cover 
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

The i-Visor LS ProMAG #IV1136 allows professionals in many different fields to view their laptop screens with crystal clarity in any viewing environment. The case fits most 17” Laptops. The patented tri-fold sun hood is easy to set up and tear down. When not in use it stores flat inside the case’s lid. A tripod mount is integrated into a magnesium allow skeleton which allows the case to be mounted onto a tripod and used as a workstation. The tripod mount is user replaceable in the event that it is accidentally cross-threaded.

In this latest revision of the iVisor LS Pro MAG the case features zippered cable access ports on the sides of the sun hood and improved connection system for the sun hood to the base. This new 2021 model IV1136 replaces discontinued model IV1135.


  • NEW: Zippered cable access ports on sun hood allows for better compatibility with various laptops.
  • User Replaceable Tripod Mount
  • Silver sun hood exterior reflects sunshine to help keep the case cool outdoors.
  • Better placement of Velcro gives better access to side ports.
  • A built-in magnesium alloy skeleton
  • No additional platforms required as the MAG Skeleton mounts directly to a tripod   3/8"-16
  • Side access ports for better connectivity
  • Passive flow through cooling system
  • Built in laptop safety strap
  • More rugged zippers all around
  • Larger front pockets for better storage
  • The case is stronger and lighter then previous Pro models. Designed specifically with digital imaging in mind. The i-Visor LS Pro MAG is ideal for shooting tethered!


  • Outside Dimensions: 19" x 13" x 4"
  • Inside Dimensions: 17" x 10.75" (435 x 273mm) | Hood Height: 12"-18"
  • Product Weight (lb): 6.75
  • SKU: IV1136