Studio Assets Stabilization Spreader Kit for the MegaMast

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Item Includes:

  • 3x Ropes with attached Ratchet Pulleys
  • 3x Spreader Arms
  • Collar for Spreader Arms
  • Top Attachment Plate
  • Allen Key
  • Nylon Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


This stabilization kit helps keep the MegaMast steady in breezy to moderate windy conditions. It works on the same principles as stays for a sailboat mast and guy wires on a cellphone tower.

The ropes attach to a plate at the top and then pass through spreader arms half-way down the mast. At the bottom of the MegaMast the ropes are attached to hooks on the legs with ratcheting pulleys. The pulleys allow you to cinch the ropes snug without the need for tying knots. A lever on the pulley easily releases the tension when it’s time to disassemble.


  • Compatible with the 27.5’ and the 23’ versions of the MegaMast
  • Includes all the tools you need to set up
  • Helps stabilize the MegaMast in breezy to moderately windy conditions
  • Ratchet pulleys enable quick assembly and tear down without the need for tying knots


  • Product Weight: 3 lb