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Toyo Field 45AX Camera *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*

Toyo Field 45AX Camera *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*

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Item Includes:

Toyo-View 45AX 4 x 5" Field Camera
Toyo-View 4x5 Vertical/Horizontal Camera Back
Toyo-View 4x5 Groundglass Focusing Screen - Acid Etched Grid Lines
Toyo-View 4x5 Fresnel Lens ONLY
2 x Infinity Stops
1/4"-20 Mount
3/8"-16 Mount
Limited 1-Year Warranty


The 45AX camera body is identical to the classic Toyo Field 45AII, and is equipped with a standard, reversible 4x5 Graflock back in place of the 45AII's deluxe revolving back, to economize on weight and cost. Weighing less than 6 lbs., the new Toyo Field 45AX offers all metal construction, full featured movements, and portable, light weight, yet rugged design that are the hallmarks of Toyo Field cameras. For the professional and serious enthusiast, the 45AX represents the best value in a versatile and compact technical 4x5 field camera.
45AX Reversible Back
In addition, the 45AX reversible back can be interchanged with any Toyo deluxe revolving back for added convenience at any time. For bright viewing, ease of composition, and accurate focusing, the 45AX reversible back comes equipped with Toyo's own acid-etched ground glass. It reveals translucent centimeter grid lines and discreet reference markings for 6x7cm and 6x9cm roll film formats. This permits critical composition and freedom from distracting black lines common on most 4x5 screens. The grids and markings even simplify composition with creative 6x12cm panoramic format. The 45AX reversible back also includes a precision factory-installed Toyo Super-Brite Fresnel Lens in front of the ground glass. This enables even illumination and consistent precision focusing. This combination also allows full corner-to-corner viewing, unlike most other camera screens that cut out the corners of the picture area.
All other Toyo 45AII accessories also fit the 45AX camera body and back for complete modular system versatility - helpful tools not available for most other field cameras.
Movements for Creative Control
The 45AX offers creative image control ideal for field use, as well as many studio applications. The front standard offers rise, swing, tilt and shift. The rear offers tilt and swing. With these controls, correction of distortion, adjustment of depth of field, and manipulation of selective focus are all possible. Focus control is micro fine geared with large rubber covered knobs. Shift, rise, tilt and swing movements with teflon coated parts deliver smooth operation and durability under all outdoor conditions.
Drop Bed and Dual Extension Bed Design
The Toyo Field 45AX features versatile tapered normal/wide angle bellows, drop bed and double extension construction for use with lenses from 47mm superwide to 360mm telephoto, and optional extension backs for macro and longer lenses.
Telephoto and Macro Extension
The 45AX's double extension bed and track are polymer coated for smooth, precise action and long-life, regardless of shooting conditions. The micro-fine rack and pinion focusing front bed provides silky smooth focusing, even with a heavy lens. The rear extension rides on two rails that can be easily adjusted to maintain a stable position for use with telephotos or long extensions. Control knobs are all-metal with rubber covering for easy grip, with or without gloves. The camera's full 321mm extension allows use of 150mm lenses for 1:1 life size macro work, or wide angle lenses for greater than 2x life size. A standard 210mm lens can be focused to 2.0 feet (1/2x life size) for exceptional portraits and close-ups. Even a telephoto design 360mm can be focused to under ten feet for complete versatility in landscape work.
Toyo System Accessories
The Toyo Field 45AX also features a full system of optional Toyo system accessories from recessed lens boards, lens board adapters, compendium lens hoods, and roll film backs to meet the needs of the most demanding outdoor photographer.


 Compact Folding Design
- Rugged, precision all-metal alloy construction
- 4x5 Reversible Graflock Back
- Rack and pinion, geared, fine-focus front bed
- Rigid double extension bed for stable mounting of long lenses
- Drop bed capability with 90° and 15° positive stops for use of lenses to 45mm
- 321mm extension allows focusing of 300mm or 360mmT lens
- Built-in accessory shoe
- Includes one pair of adjustable infinity stops
- Includes interchangeable 1/4" and 3/8" tripod sockets
- Accepts many Toyo 4x5 system accessories
Camera Back
- International standard with Graflock fitting
- Accepts all 4x5 cut film holders, Kodak Readyload, Polaroid 4x5, and all roll film holders - 6x7cm, 6x9cm, 6x12cm with Graflock fitting
Focusing Screen
- Toyo acid-etched, centimeter grid ground glass
- Factory-installed Toyo Super-Brite Fresnel Lens
- Full corner-to-corner coverage for critical focusing
- Toyo Flexilast material resists cracking for long life
- Tapered Bellows allows use of lenses from wide angle to telephoto with no need to change to wide angle bellows


  • Base Tilt Front 90° + 15° Rear 90° + 15°
  • Swing Front 8° + 8° Rear 8° + 8°
  • Rise / Fall Front 20.5mm / 23.5mm
  • Rise-Incline Bed / Fall-Drop Bed 84mm / 65mm (1)
  • Shift Front 7mm + 7mm
  • Shift Bed Front 40mm + 40mm (1)
  • General Focusing Front Bed 91.5mm
  • Minimum Extension 45mm with recessed lens board
  • 70mm with flat lens board
  • Maximum Extension 321mm with flat lens board
  • 421 with addition of optional 100mm Extension Back
  • Size (folded) 4.2 x 7.4 x 8.2"
  • Weight 5.8 lbs.
  • Minimum Focusing Distances and Magnification
  • Lens (3) Minimum Distance
  • (Lens-to-subject) Magnification
  • Super-Angulon 58/5.6XL 0.23 ft. 4.39x
  • Nikkor SW 65/4 0.269 ft. 3.89x
  • Nikkor SW 90/4.5 0.413 ft. 2.51x
  • Nikkor W 135/5.6 0.767 ft. 1.37x
  • Nikkor W 150/5.6 0.928 ft. 1.13x
  • Nikkor W 180/5.6 1.35 ft. 0.78x
  • Nikkor W 210/5.6 2.005 ft. 0.52x
  • Nikkor W 240/5.6 3.15 ft. 0.33x
  • Nikkor M 300/9 15.75 ft. 0.07x
  • Nikkor T 270/6.3 02.68 ft. 0.39x
  • Nikkor T 360/8 08.33 ft. 0.13x
  • Nikkor T 500/11 (2) 13.33 ft. 0.10x

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