X-Rite ColorChecker White Balance

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  • Colorchecker white balance
CompletelyThe ColorChecker White Balance Card is an 8 x 11.5
inch spectrally neutral 18% gray card engineered to provide good
camera balancing under any light conditions. The card is used
to fill the camera frame and provide a reference for the camera.
Packaged in a protective sleeve with instructions describing
suggested applications and technical information.
The ColorChecker White Balance target is spectrally neutral to deliver accurate white reproduction for both photo and video workflows. Use it to perform custom in-camera white balance to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white - under any lighting condition. Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.
The ColorChecker White Balance target delivers accurate white reproduction. As lighting conditions change, your camera shifts the way it reproduces white; resulting in color shifts in your photos or video footage. Most white balance targets aren’t neutral and could cause colors to shift under different lighting conditions. But the ColorChecker White Balance target is a scientifically engineered, absolute neutral white reference that prevents color shifts and provides precise, uniform surface that is spectrally neutral – in any lighting condition. That means you can be confident the image or footage you capture is as close to real life as possible. ColorChecker White Balance also gives you a way to adjust your digital camera's color sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions; in effect, change what that the camera “sees.” The perceived color of white changes based on ambient conditions—outdoor it is perceived to be cooler, indoor it is perceived to be warmer, and under fluorescent light, greener. Even in a controlled studio environment, this can be a problem. Whether on location or in your studio, establishing an accurate custom white balance before each photo session or video shoot ensures accurate colors from the start. ColorChecker White Balance is a full-size version of the white balance target included in both ColorChecker Passport products. The actual color of the target is a light gray which provides the best white balance result.
  • Eliminate color casts with custom white balance
  • Improve the color preview on your camera’s display so your histograms are more reliable
  • Make post production color editing faster and easier by eliminating the need to neutralize each image individually
  • Dimensions (length, width, height) 8.25 x 11
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