X-Rite i1 Studio
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X-Rite i1 Studio X-Rite i1 Studio X-Rite i1 Studio X-Rite i1 Studio

X-Rite i1 Studio

SKU# EOSTUDIO     UPC# 7640111922964
  • $ 489.00

Item Includes:
  • X-Rite i1Studio Spectrophotometer
  • Storage Case/Monitor Holder
  • Mini ColorChecker Classic
  • i1Studio


The NEW i1Studio from X-Rite was created for photographers who love to shoot, scan, edit and print, but don’t love to waste time and money on the process. The award-winning technology built into the i1Studio delivers precise, intuitive color management across your entire color workflow. The result: prints that match your images across all your devices. You’ll be confident that what you’ve captured in your camera or scanner and see on all your displays and mobile devices or projectors will match your final print output. And with the time you save you can get back to focusing on what you love – making more images.

Features include:

  • Monitor Profiling: Ensures the color you see on your display is the color you expect from your printer, saving time, money, and gaining full creative control over your images. Profile multiple monitors with video presets included.
  • Projector Profiling: Your projected presentations can look the same as your monitor.
  • Camera Calibration with mini ColorChecker Classic: Have a neutral starting point no matter what light you are shooting in for a more streamlined editing process.
  • Scanner Calibration: Simply scan and crop your target to generate a high-quality input profile.
  • Printer Profiles: RGB and CMYK color profiles and new Black & White profiles.
  • ColorTRUE Mobile App: Calibrate your Apple© iOS mobile devices for a true mobile to desktop color match of all your images. (Available free in the App Store) i1Studio includes i1Studio spectrophotometerstorage case/monitor holder, and mini ColorChecker Classic