Indra500II TTL Studio Light & Battery Pack

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Phottix's landmark Indra500 TTL Studio Light has been the "go-to" location and studio light for serious photographers.
Phottix is proud to present the Phottix Indra500II TTL - the next generation featuring Odin Z OS functions.
When used with the Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger for Canon, Nikon, Sony or Pentax you have the ultimate in control. Eight stops of power
adjustment - from full power to 1/128 in Manual Mode and +/- 3 EV in TTL mode, with High Speed Sync shutter speeds up to 1/8000s.
Manual only shooters can use the new Phottix Odin Lite to control the Indra500II TTL from any camera system. Perfect for photographers that switch
between formats and systems.
* On compatible cameras, when used with the Odin II and Odin Z Operating System.'
Improved battery technology that enables photographers to
get 500 full power shots per charge - a 20% increase over the original Indra500 TTL Upgraded Hardware Odin Z OS Built-in
With the Odin Z Operating System, the Indra500II TTL gets the
same great feature set as other Phottix products including:
All-in-one Auto Switching. TTL systems for Canon, Nikon, Sony
and Pentax built-in. The Indra500II will automatically adjust to
the system being used
Auto-Metering TTL with Manual Lock
Real-time Manual Power Display