LitraStudio RGBWW Professional LED Studio Light (Black)

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Item Includes:

  • LITRA Litra Studio RGBWW Photo Video LED Light
  • 45W Quick Charge Adapter with USB PD3 Type-C Cable
  • Silicone Diffuser
  • Handgrip
  • Carry Case
  • Limited 1-Year Litra-USA Warranty

The Litra Studio is the world's most powerful portable RGBWW light for filmmaking, broadcasting, videography and photography. This versatile LED cine light is at home on any set or the most remote location. Rectangular in shape, LitraStudio delivers 3,000 Lumens of color accurate RGBWW output—totally cable-free thanks to its 9000 mAh rechargeable, swappable Lithium Ion battery. The battery’s auxiliary USB Type C charger port also offers power backup for laptops, phones, or other necessities.

For optimum light quality, LitraStudio is fully tunable and color accurate with a 97 TLCI/CRI and 50-degree beam angle. It is dimmable from 100% down to zero and its unique microstructure lens ensures smooth, even and hotspot-free output.

To suit any professional, LitraStudio offers a choice of control methods for single or multiple lights. Bluetooth is onboard and pairs with a downloadable Mobile App for either iOS or Android. DMX is available via an accessory dongle. An OLED display offers manual control. Factory or user-customized presets include CCT, HSI, Gel and the Effects mode that offers simulation of police, paparazzi, and candle lighting.

The fixture’s high mil spec aluminum housing is built for a long life of rugged use. Uniquely, waterproof and submersible down to 30’/10m—this light is ready to illuminate the action in wet or dry locations or sets.

Each LitraStudio fixture comes with a rechargeable 9000mAh Lithium Ion battery, slip-on diffuser, 45W quick charge adapter with USB PD2 Type C cable, bicycle-style grip handle, and padded carrying case. Use individually or with multiple lights for unprecedented output, flexibility and lighting control.



• Full Color RGBWW
• 3000 lumen brightness
• 2000 - 10000 Bi-Color, green shift control
• 6000 lumen flash
• Flicker free at all shutter angles
• 50° beam angle
• Fully dimmable 100%-0

On-board Battery
• 9000 mAh rechargeable, swappable LI Battery
• Runtime: 1 hour at max, 20+ hours on low output
• USB type C charger port backs up laptop, phone, etc.

Rugged & Waterproof
• Waterproof up to 30 feet
• MIL-SPEC 810 tested

Control Versatility
• DMX with adapter
• Bluetooth
• Manual onboard with OLED Display
• CCT, HSI, RGBWW Gel and Effects modes

• 5.5" x 3.9" x 2"
• 33.5 oz