Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter with JZS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth [Two Size Options]

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Item Includes:

  • Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter
  • Genuine Leather Case
  • 2x Lens Adapter
  • Syrp Lens Cloth
  • JZS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


The Super Dark Variable ND Filter is the perfect accessory for taking your photography and time-lapse to the next level. The filter allows you to slow your shutter speed down in daylight conditions and adds whole new creative perspective to your scene. 

The Super Dark ND Filter includes an adjustable exposure of 5-10 stops of light (ND32-ND1024) and the stops are clearly marked on the Filter. We've also added hard limits so you can quickly set the minimum and maximum values while preventing X-Pattern at the extreme end. The front of the Filter has a thread so you can easily stack other filters if needed and it will also fit your regular lens cap.

When setting your exposure during the day, you are limited to using fast shutter speeds to account for bright conditions, even when setting your aperture to f22 and ISO 100 the slowest shutter speed possible is half a second. Adding the Super Dark Variable ND lets you slow your shutter speed to at least 15 seconds even in the middle of the day!

The included JZS Microfiber cleaning cloth allows you to ensure that your filters and lenses are clean from all dust.


  • Versatile, can fit many lens sizes
  • Variable 1.5-3.0 Neutral Density Filter
  • Enables long exposures


  • Filter Size: 9mm thick
  • Step-Up Rings Size: 3mm thick
  • Density: 1.5-3.0 stops
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy