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X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3

X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3

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Item Includes:

  •  i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer (measurement device)
  • calibration plate
  • ambient light measurement head
  • monitor holder, positioning target
  • scanning ruler
  • backer board
  • USB cable
  • i1Profiler v3.x software for monitor profiling plus QA for monitors and printers
  • PANTONE Color Manager software


Equipped with industry-leading technology, the i1Pro 3 delivers more accurate and reliable results than any other device in its category and is two times faster than its predecessor.

For designers, photographers, or prepress professionals who rely on accurate color throughout a digital workflow, the i1Publish Pro 3 is the must-have solution to profile and calibrate cameras, monitors, projectors, scanners, and both RGB and CMYK+ printers. Get the most color accurate displays, prints and proofs, with repeatable results every time.

Accommodating a broad range of proficiencies and expertise, i1Publish Pro 3 Plus provides complete power and control to create the highest quality ICC profiles. Choose between a basic, wizard-driven interface, or an advanced user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles.

i1Publish Pro 3 also includes many display and printer profiling and quality assurance functions. When printing CMYK, take advantage of device link profiling to optimize CMYK files across various devices, preserving the black channel and inks. When it’s time to repurpose multiple CMYK files, device link profiles ensure reliable color. For an even more controlled and accurate color workflow, i1Publish Pro 3 also includes X-Rite’s ColorChecker Camera Calibration software and ColorChecker target for producing custom camera profiles. It also includes PANTONE Color Manager software for easy capture and management of spot colors, keeping PANTONE libraries up to date with color palette creation and swatch bridging software.


  • Offers a custom, full-spectrum LED light source, which allows for single-pass scanning and improves device reliability and accuracy.
  • Measures M0, M1, and M2 simultaneously in a single-pass, cutting scanning time in half.
  • Reads smaller patches than the i1Pro 2 with improved accuracy.
  • Features an ergonomic design for easy cleaning and accurate measurements.
  • Benefit from perfect printed colors every time with RGB, CMYK and CMYK + any 4 with intelligent iterative profiling technology for best quality results and advanced controls for black generation and separations.
  • Provides real-time user feedback to ensure accurate measurement position and a self-check tool to adjust and correct minor shifts.
  • Achieve true colors on all modern laptop and desktop display technologies, such as LED, Plasma, RG Phosphor, OLED and Wide Gamut up to 5000 NITs.
  • Quickly check color output quality with the ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target, included with i1Publish.
  • Capture spot colors off virtually any surface – ideal for creative design or corporate brand requirements* – and keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe® and Quark® creative applications with PANTONE Color Manager for color palette creation and swatch bridging software.
  • Optimizes automated file creation in less time and material waste during production when combined with the i1iO Generation 3 automated scanning table.


  • Aperture Measurement aperture: 4.5 mm (0.18”) diameter (effective measurement aperture during scanning is depending on the patch size and measurement speed)
  • Available Disk Space 2GB
  • Calibration Manual on external ceramic white reference (included)
  • Communication Interface USB 1.1
  • Connectivity Powered USB port
  • Dimensions (length, width, height) i1Pro device: 162 mm x 69 mm x 64 mm (6.4” x 2.7” x 2.5”)
  • Display Resolution 1024x768 pixels or higher
  • Experience Level Intermediate to Advanced
  • Humidity 30 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
  • Illumination Spot Size 3 mm (0.12”)
  • Inter-Instrument Agreement 0.3 dE00 avg, 0.8 dE00 max (deviation from X-Rite manufacturing standard at a temperature of 23ºC (73.4ºF) on 12 BCRA tiles (D50, 2º))
  • Internet Connection Required for software install, download and automatic update
  • Languages Supported Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Light Source i1Pro3 Plus LED Illumination (including UV)
  • Macintosh MacOS X 10.11x, 10.12x, 10.13x, 10.15 (with latest upgrades installed)
  • Measurement Conditions • M0 - UV included - ISO 13655:2017
  • • M1 - D50 - ISO 13655:2017
  • • M2 - UV excluded Filter - ISO 13655:2017
  • Measurement Frequency in Scanning Mode 400 measurements per second
  • Measurement Geometry 45°/0° ring illumination optics, ISO 13655:2017
  • Media Thickness 1mm or less
  • Memory 2GB Minimum
  • Number of Displays Supported per Workstation Up to 4
  • Operating Temperature Range 10°C to 35°C
  • 50°F to 95°F
  • Patch Size Minimal Patch Size in Scanning Mode: 7 x 7 mm (0.28” x 0.28”) (Width x Height) with sensor ruler 10 x 7 mm (0.40” x 0.28”) (Width x Height) without sensor ruler
  • Photometric Range 10nm; Sampling interval 3.5nm
  • Processor MAC: Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU or better; WINDOWS: Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ XP or better
  • Scan Length Maximum 260mm (10.24")
  • Scanner Target Support Yes
  • Scanning Capability Yes
  • Security User must have Administrator rights to install and uninstall the application
  • Short Term Repeatability - White 0.05 dE00 on white (D50,2°, mean of 10 measurements every 3 seconds on white)
  • Single Pass Scan Yes
  • Software Development Kit Available for OEM customers
  • Software Modes Basic & Advanced
  • Spectral Analyzer i1® technology with built-in wavelengths check; Holographic diffraction grating with 128-pixel diode array
  • Spectral Range 380 - 730 nm
  • Spectral Reporting 380 ... 730 nm in 10 nm steps

  • Storage Temperature Range -20° to 50°C
  • -4° to 122°F
  • Supported Profile Format ICC version 2, version 4.3, & iccMax
  • Unit Color Black/Silver
  • User Experience Choose between a ‘basic’, wizard-driven interface or an ‘advanced’, user-driven interface for highest level professional results
  • Video Card
  • MAC: Latest drivers for video card installed;

  • WINDOWS: Latest drivers for video card installed, dual display support requires either 2 video cards or a dual head video card that supports dual video LUTs being loaded

  • Warranty Twelve (12) months from the date of sale, unless different local regulations apply. Product registration is required to receive X-Rite technical support during the warranty period. Registration can occur directly through the software, on our website, or via phone. Users are encouraged to register their product within the first 30 days of use.
  • Weight i1Pro device: 285 g (10.1 oz)
  • Windows Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (with latest Service Pack installed)

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